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Hardwood Installation

Solid hardwood has always been the standard for beauty and durability for home flooring. Upgrading to hardwood flooring virtually guarantees that your home’s value will increase. Combined with ease of maintenance and ever-lasting beauty, hardwood flooring has no rival. No matter if you are upgrading your current home or installing hardwood flooring in a new one, you will want to carefully consider what type of wood and the finish you want for your floors. At Impeccable Floors, our experienced design specialists will personally consult with you to help you choose the right flooring type for your upcoming hardwood flooring installation. For any questions on hardwood flooring for your home or space Call 770-369-5316

Hardwood Refinish

Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful aspects of a home. It glimmers in natural and artificial light and the wood grain renders your home completely unique. But when your hardwood flooring starts to look weathered in a less than attractive fashion, you might consider reviving your flooring. Hardwood flooring refinishing processes are totally safe for the wood and can increase the longevity of the flooring. We recommend it for folks who:Are just tired of the color of your wood flooring. You can refinish your flooring with a new stain to change the look. Recently discovered you already have beautiful hardwood floors under that ugly, worn-out carpet. Refinishing those hardwoods will instantly add value to your home. Are interested an inexpensive and highly-effective service that provides new life to your space and home value. Our team of skilled flooring technicians at Impeccable Floors can extend the life of your existing wood floor with expert hardwood floor refinish service


Tile flooring offers variety, durability, ready availability and value. Available in an array of natural stones and manufactured materials, tile flooring delivers long lasting beauty to both indoor and outdoor settings. Easy to maintain and clean, most tile flooring choices are perfect for a variety of lifestyles.Natural tile flooring includes ceramic tiles made from clay and slate, too. To create these natural materials into flooring, manufacturers shape the necessary materials, glaze or seal them and (sometimes) super-heat them in kilns to produce durable tiles.With today’s manufacturing and glazing techniques, the hardness and durability of tile flooring is quite high. You can choose to have your tile floors as hard as possible for high traffic areas. Special enamel glazes can make tile floors durable enough for high-traffic and industrial areas.


Today’s state of the art manufacturing processes create laminate flooring that looks more like real wood than ever before. Laminate flooring has characteristics common to both engineered hardwood and vinyl wood look tiling. Professional installation is quick and easy, making laminate flooring a cost-effective choice.Additionally, little or no gluing or nailing is needed because most laminate products are “click and lock.”Easy to maintain and durable in any room, laminate is a great choice for any home.

Luxury Vinyl Plank LVP

LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring is designed to provide the look and even the feel of luxury flooring materials, but without the extra cost. Rather than having to be glued down, as with sheet vinyl, vinyl composite flooring is made to be interlocking, and so it snaps together in place.It’s a pet-friendly flooring and is proof against most of the rigors of daily life. Best of all, luxury vinyl allows even for a textured feel to the flooring, increasing the verisimilitude of the mimicry of actual stone or wood floors.


Carpet is a type of flooring that is made from woven fiber, and comes in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. Due to its cushioned surface, carpet absorbs sound, adds additional warmth, and offers you a non-slip surface. Not only is carpet one of the most affordable flooring products, but most are treated with static, stain, and soil resistant treatments, making them incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Stairs, Handrails & Post

Impeccable Floors can also help you on your next stair project. We sand and replace stair treads, interior handrails and post and we can also provide you with new iron or wood balusters.
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